DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — On Thursday, Dothan Mayoral Candidates Mark Saliba and Sidney Miller spoke to the Houston County Republican Women on Thursday, asking for their vote come August 3rd.

The focal point for both candidates was education and investing in local youth. Miller said he wants to see more creativity.

“I would like to see more creativity done to enhance our youth to come back to the area and invest in what we’ve put into the city,” Dothan Mayoral Candidate Sidney Miller said. “We would like to create more jobs for them, good jobs, good-paying jobs so they can result to coming back to the city.”

Miller said that keeping the youth here is what will grow the city.

Mayor Saliba believes retaining youth in the city starts with quality of life improvement, as well as educational improvements that will make people want to go to school in Dothan.

He believes working directly with schools is the way to go.

“That’s how we can help,” Mayor Saliba said. “We can be a great partner and be their best partner, but it’s going to take an entire community to pitch in and do what we need to do in order to create a Dothan that people are proud of in all aspects.”

Saliba said it takes a majority to make decisions and move forward.

Miller said for him it’s not about politics, but it’s about the people.