Enterprise Board of Education listens to concerns regarding homeschooling children and extracurricular activities

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Tuesday evening, the voice of a concerned father was heard at the Enterprise City Board of Education meeting.

John Barbaccia has homeschooled his son, who has many talents, playing musical instruments is one of them.

Jacob Barbaccia has been a member of the Enterprise High School Band, but school officials say he must be enrolled full-time as a student to take part in extracurricular activities.

This hasn’t always been the case, however, as Enterprise City Schools previously allowed a home-schooled student be a member of the Wildcat Football Team under the state ‘Tebow Rule’ that allows home-schooled young people to participate in sports, but not the band or any extracurricular activities.

And the Barbaccia family doesn’t think this is fair.

“Every child should have the same right to participate,” concerned father, John Barbaccia said. “We all pay taxes in the same community that funds the schools. That’s money we pay to have a school and it should be accessible to every student. I cant see why anyone discriminates against a student just because he is home-schooled.”

“It just made me feel very discouraged, especially since I can do all my school work at home,” Enterprise High School student, Jacob Barbacccia said. “But as my father said, we don’t have a band at home.”

Not only is there a lack of extracurricular activities, but also the curriculum is lacking as well, according to Jacob.

“What I’ve been experiencing in my classes, is they have been dulled down a little bit and I felt I could go a little bit faster than what they are moving at this point,” said Jacob.

The Enterprise City Board of Education says they want nothing but the best for this family, but to get this ruling changed, it may come down to the state level.

“We want the best for him and his family. Like I said, his dad was passionate, he seemed like a great, young man. He seems very intelligent,” Enterprise Board Of Education Chairman, Rodrick Caldwell said. “His dad has done a great job of teaching him, so we want everything to work out for his good.”

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