ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN)—A “special ceremony” for five enterprise high school seniors who plan to major in
education. the four girls and one boy signed a commitment similar to what athletes do all part of the district’s effort to essentially “grow our own” and further education in Alabama.
Enterprise City Schools “honored” the district’s career and technical education
graduates who plan on becoming teachers.

For the second straight year, an “educator’s signing day was held “based” on
high school athletes who sign “letters of commitment” to play at the collegiate

School superintendent, Dr. Zel Thomas, says
“All the athletes we talk about come through the K-12 setting. And we make a big deal when they get a scholarship and they sign with a college, which is
big because it gives them an opportunity to further their education. We’re trying to groom some teachers for the future.”

Mike Gurspan says “in what turned about to be quite an emotional moment. The seniors brought up a teacher who had the most profound effect on their career choice of going into education.”

EHS senior Destiny Lunsford will graduate with a 3-point-14 grade point average. In the Fall,
she will enroll at Troy University and “major” in secondary education.

She credits Enterprise high school engineering instructor, Nick Ciuzio,
with inspiring her to go to greater heights in education.

Destiny says “he’s just made everything hands-on, engaging, and joins in. And I would love to do that as a teacher, teacher.”

Ciuzio says “obvious early on that this person had something so good in her heart that she, no pun intended, was destined for teaching, she will do a fantastic job.”