ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — There is a group in Enterprise that is doing its best to fight the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate, and they have gained the support of an Alabama official to help them.

“Liberty group headquartered in Enterprise is taking on this vaccine mandate,” State Auditor Jim Zeigler said.

According to Zeigler, Liberty Group is one of the most active protesters of Biden’s vaccine mandate in Alabama.

“There has been more citizen activism against the vaccine mandate in Alabama’s wiregrass than in any other place,” said Zeigler.

For good reason, this impacts many people throughout the wiregrass.

“It was aimed at federal contractors, federal employees, military and private businesses with over 100 employees, and that cover thousands, tens of thousands of people in the wiregrass area of Alabama,” said Zeigler.

Just today, Governor Kay Ivey implemented an executive order stating, quote, “…order and direct all of the following actions to oppose the Biden administration’s overreaching mandates and to ensure that the state of Alabama never forces anyone to take an unwanted COVID-19 vaccine.”

The executive order isn’t all-inclusive — it applies only to those organizations within the executive branch of the Alabama state government.

“Which does not help the federal contractors or the private employers. It only helps state employees and that is discriminatory,” said Zeigler.