Enterprise learns more on water quality from Alabama Cooperative Extension group out of Auburn

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Friday, residents gathered at the Enterprise Farmer’s Market to learn about watersheds and how it affects their communities.

So what is a watershed?

“An easy way to think about it is, if you cup your hands in front of you and you were to imagine the size of your hands are kind of the higher parts in the watershed, like those ridges, those mountains,” Bell said. “When the water falls, and it hits those ridges, it will flow downstream into a common low area, like a river, a pond.”

The Alabama Cooperative Extension Water Program based at Auburn University hosted an Alabama Watersheds Stewards training event.

“The program is a statewide program that has been going for a couple of years now, and the goal of the program is to reach out to citizens across the state and educate them about water quality, watershed management, and how people can get involved,” Alabama Cooperative Extension Project Coordinator, Laura Bell said.

According to Bell, every area has a watershed that determines how water flows in the area.

Also, different factors can contribute to the water quality and pollution in a communities water.

She hopes the program will help people realize the importance of their community’s watershed.

“What I want people to get out of it, is they can actually start making improvements where they are.” Bell said. “Even though it’s a big problem, the actions that you take in your life, on your landscape, they do matter and that there are ways that people can actually improve their local waterways.”

People interested in the program can search the Alabama Cooperative Extension website for Alabama Watershed Steward for more information.

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