ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN)—Enterprise is about to begin the third phase of its ongoing street resurfacing project.

WDHN crews found several dozen streets totaling 16 miles of roadway that will “undergo a makeover” between now and the Fall of 2024.

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Enterprise Housing Authority employee Stefan Griffin demonstrates how he packed a hot mix of gravel and tar to fill several gaping holes in Damascus Apartment Road.

In the next six months, the road which has been rated as “failed” will be completely repaved. It’s one of 60 streets, totaling 16 miles of work.
It’s part of Phase three-A of the city’s paving project. It carries a price tag of just under four million dollars.

Griffin says he’s happy to see it happen. “That’s correct, that’s correct it’s needed. I’m very appreciative”, according to Griffin.

Enterprise Public Works Director Barry Mott says the project enhances the quality of life for residents all over the city.
Phase one in 2020 encompassed repaving 42 streets. Phase 2 which has been just completed, included 55 streets.

Mott says “Some of the roads are older, some of them are not so old. If you drive down the road they are roads that need to be paved. And they deserve the attention that we are giving them.”

Mike Gurspan says “for the last to 3 years the city has been repaving roads according to their condition. The worst being repaved first.”

Back in June 2020, all of the city-maintained roads were analyzed and scored. They were ranked from best to worst.

The worst being repaved first across the whole city, there’s not one general area that all the paving has been concentrated in.”

Once phase 3-A is complete, a total of 750 roads would have been “Repaved” within the last two years. That’s roughly 20 percent of the city streets.