ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The City of Enterprise is joining the U.S. Department of Defense in an annual tradition that started back in 1986. Mayor William Cooper signed a proclamation declaring April as Military Children’s month in Enterprise.

With Fort Rucker as one of the area’s largest military and civilian employers, the military child resonates with thousands of children in school districts across the Wiregrass.

Mayor William Cooper was surrounded by service members, their spouses, and children. The department of defense recognizes military children because families are essential to the success of the army’s mission.

Leslie Jenkins is the wife of an active military member at Fort Rucker.

“My oldest daughter, Ammarie, came home and wrote Bama girl on her dry-erase board, they are just so excited to be here,” Ammarie Jenkins says. “in Enterprise it’s more welcoming and I feel more included in the environment and I’ve made more friends than I ever have.”

For one soldier who lives in Enterprise along with his daughter, they say the city of progress is very accommodating to them.

Michael Lewis based at Fort Rucker says, “every time I come back over the last 34 years that family has grown more and more, and every time we’ve come back, we’ve come back to open arms no matter how big the family got.”

His daughter, Anna-Jane Lewis says, “I believe as a military child it’s essential to surround yourself with people who believe in the same things you do and are willing to support you before even coming here I’ve either known names or community members I could trust.”

In Enterprise alone, a large percentage of its students either have one or both parents in the military or may work in the civilian sector at Fort Rucker.