ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN)—Parents have been slow in registering their children have been “Slow” in registering their sons or daughters for the upcoming school year.

With a statewide teacher shortage, Dr. Thomas says it’s more important than ever to get a gauge on how many instructors are needed.

Enterprise City Superintendent, dr. Zell Thomas, says “So we need to know especially for planning purposes make sure we’re properly staffed, we don’t need everybody to show up on the first day of school and we don’t have enough teachers, or we have too many teachers, or whatever the case may be but it helps us with our planning.”

Brookwood elementary principal waller martin says “For this upcoming year so as soon as we know numbers, we encourage people to register asap, as soon as possible even if you don’t have all the information, get the process started so we can get things rolling, that is very helpful for us.”

Mike Gurspan says “over the last two years all public school students nationwide have been able to eat free due to the covid situation but this year Congress hasn’t funded that program so parents once again need to register their students for free and reduced lunches.”

Congress did not extend the waivers to allow students nationwide to eat a no charge as they had for the last two years due to covid. If a child qualifies financially, the parent must register their son or daughter for “Free” and reduced breakfast and lunch.

Dr. Thomas says “Those who have been around for a while understand, we encourage everyone to file for it. And it also goes back to our title funding. The federal government gives us additional funding based on the students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.”

Reporting in Enterprise, Mike Gurspan WDHN News for the wiregrass.

Any parent who wants to register their child for “free or reduced” breakfasts and lunches at school can call their respective school district for more information.