Equal pay, grants, Head Start: DCS Board of Education calls special meeting

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Dothan City School board members called for a special board meeting late Thursday night to discuss the status of several projects.

Board members began their discussion with their new Head Start Program. According to Superintendent Dennis Coe, the project is coming along.

“We had a couple of grant applications had a really quick turnaround deadline to turn around our Head Start Center,” Coe said. “There were some federal grants that were made available for our Head Start Center that would help us offset the costs of the cost of living and adjustment for employees for next year.”

According to Coe, the program will be extremely beneficial to students.

“Having children get an early start in education in a structured environment whether it’s in Head Start or Pre-K research shows that those children perform so much better.”

Initially, the board applied for the grants in order to give their Head Start and public school employees equal pay.

One grant was for $30,000 to cover cost of living adjustments, the second was around $97,000 for COVID-19 related expenses.

Coe told WDHN the board is doing everything it can to make parents feel comfortable as COVID-19 still lingers.

“We’ve purchased additional equipment so we’re doing everything physically known at this time to provide a safe learning environment for children,” Coe said. “It really helps provide stability for the children helps get them an early start in education.”

To learn more about DCS’ Head Start program, click here.

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