ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN)—Enterprise State Community College has seen nearly a 15-percent increase in the fall enrollment
over the last year, and that has school personnel excited.

After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, WDHN found out why ESCC administrators are seeing more students returning to campus.

College Dean of Students, Kassie Mathis, says there are many factors that have led to nearly a 15-percent increase in student enrollment. With more than 21 hundred full and part-time students, it’s the “highest enrollment” at the school in at least the last decade.

The numbers are up at both the Enterprise and Ozark campuses. Mathis says “we have several new athletic programs that we believe brought students to the campus. We have a new LPN program that brought students to the campus; as well as a new multi-media; one of our relatively new classes is our mechatronics program and we’ve seen a pretty sizeable increase in that program as well.”

Mike Gurspan says “following the pandemic of 2020 and 21. Mathis says it seems students want to get back on campus.”

The school recently added to its recruiting team. Both adults and young people appear to once again want to
Experience the “Total” campus experience following two years of online classes due to the pandemic.

Mathis says “It’s been really exciting to see so many of our students in clubs and organizations just walking through the halls. We all know with covid there were so many students online and we’re now seeing those students face-to-face so the campus environment is so much more active and exciting.”

Dean Mathis says as a community college, ESCC’s mission statement is to meet the needs of the students,
community members, along with business and industry partners.

Anyone interested in enrolling in the school’s second mini-term which begins on Monday can visit escc.edu/registration.