DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN)—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based transport company FedEx has more than 650-thousand employees worldwide.

Recently, a manager at its Dothan warehouse received the company’s “top honor”.

A year ago, “weather sirens” went off near Dothan high school. A “tornado warning” was issued due to a possible twister indicated on “Doppler radar”.
The system did cause some minor roof damage in nearby Kinsey.

At the nearby FedEx warehouse on Westgate Parkway, Manager Corey Varner sprang into action.

He immediately got on the company’s intercom and began to orchestrate the evacuation of several hundred workers
into fortified offices in which there were no windows.

Except for some minor damage in the Kinsey area, the storm mainly spared Houston County.

But, Varner’s initiative to whisk his fellow workers to safety did not go “unnoticed” by the company’s administrative staff.

Corey is one of 20 employees around the world to receive the “FedEx Humanitarian” award.

FedEx management says “employee safety” is their first priority, and that’s why Corey’s actions of evacuating
employees in a weather crisis led to him receiving the award.