ELBA, Ala. (WDHN)—This Christmas will mark the seventh anniversary of the “Great Elba Flood” of 2015. Several days of torrential rain caused the Pea River to run outside its banks and the city was declared a Federal Disaster area.

One can still see remnants of homes in neighborhoods that are no longer inhabitable.

To date, around 3-point-7 million FEMA dollars have gone to tearing down more than 40 homes in the flood zone. As a stipulation, no structure can ever be built at that site again.

Mayor Tom Maddox says the city has spent nearly 700-thousand dollars in local match money,
But it’s a program that will end this year due to the expense on the municipal budget.

Recently, the Elba City Council voted unanimously to end the FEMA flood buyout project from
the 2015 Christmas flood.