Fort Rucker receives brand new commendation

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The Sargent Major Wardell Turner award is given in honor of Sergeant Major Wardell Turner who died in 2014 during Operation Enduring Freedom.

This award honors emergency service organizations across the army for the help they give to the community.

“It’s every one of our security officers, our firefighters, our police officers. That really makes it happen across the board every day,” Director of Public Safety Lt. Col. Phillip R. Lenz said. “Its leadership is commitment, it’s everything that we do on a daily basis.”

This obelisk represents all the work these people do to keep the surrounding community safe and this is the first year this award is being given out.

“Being the first of the awardees on this one, we don’t want to let this one go so it will be our goal in the future to maintain and hold onto that for as long as we can,” said Garrison Commander Col. Whitney Benjamin Gardner.

The men and women stationed at Fort Rucker seem to put maximum effort into everything they do, but what sets these people apart from the rest?

“Whether it be the intensity of the training the growth of the training missions under really stressful conditions, that’s what really distinguishes this team,” said Director of IMCOM Training Vince Grewatz. “Training It’s the quality of the people and the importance of the mission to army readiness.”

So what does the future hold for this organization at Fort Rucker?

“We are never satisfied, you know, as we provide security and protection for our residents,” said Gardner. “And for those who train and work here that’s not going to change, we maintain a high level of performance obviously.”

Fort Rucker is home to the largest fire department in the entire united states army, which probably helped contribute to the winning of this award.

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