SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — Do you know how many bites a cow has to take a day? 6,000. The close to 300 cows at, ‘Working Cows Dairy,’ in Slocomb has over 400 acres of land to roam and graze, making fresh organic products for not only the Wiregrass but the whole nation.

In 1985, Rinske De Jong and her husband immigrated from the Netherlands for new farming opportunities. She said for the past 30 years they have been mastering their trade, eventually becoming a family business.

“My husband was a dairy farmer and I was not, I grew up in a city but we came together over here to start a dairy farm,” De Jung said.

According to De Jong, their family-operated farm has been producing 100 percent organic milk, cheese, and eggs which are sold in places like Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia, and other places across the U.S.

She said 99.9% of their working cows are A2/A2 cows, meaning they aren’t genetically improved, making the quality of the milk fresh and easy to digest.

“If you drink A2/A2 milk and you might have some lactose problems,” De Jung said. “You can digest it, we low pasteurize our milk. What helps you already when you are lactose intolerant but also our mile is A2/A2 makes it a lot easier to digest.”

Johnny De Jung is one of three sons who works on the farm and he said it shouldn’t cost a fortune to get good products, this is why they work off an honor system. He said people can drive up 24/7, purchase their dairy products and simply pay by cash, check, EBT or Venmo.

“That is grass-fed, 365 days a year, the cows are outside grazing, we are certified organic, we don’t use any type of synthetic commercial fertilizer, or pesticides the cows are treated with herbal remedies if they get sick and we are also animal welfare approved,” Jonny De Jong said.

Jonny said they go with the theory, if you treat the ladies good, they’ll treat you good and he said their ‘ladies’ make plenty of products which is why they invite everyone in the Wiregrass to visit and support their farm.

“You can watch the cows being milked, you can see the calves possibly being born, you can see the calves being raised in the fields here and all the surrounding areas and really get a grasp for what it takes to make a gallon of milk,” Jonny De Jong said.

The De Jong’s are asking residents to support their farm, especially at this time. They said you can get fresh dairy products 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a pretty fair price. They said if you can’t get to the farm they also sell their products at stores around the Wiregrass on their website.