FT. RUCKER, Ala. (WDHN)—On Friday, Ft. Rucker held its annual Memorial Day ceremony a few days early.

Base Commanding General David J. Francis told the crowd that the day” is a time to
pay tribute to those brave men and women who paid the “ultimate sacrifice” so America remains
the beacon of light on the hill of freedom.

Major General Francis served as “keynote speaker” during the ceremony.

General Francis says “In the Army, we consider our greatest asset is our people. Our all-volunteer force is a credit to all races and creeds. And our common commitment to defense and love of country that binds us together and unifies us.”

Mike Gurspan says “And for those retired military members who attended the service today. The significance of Memorial Day is very strong.”

Buddy Keen is active with the American Legion chapter in Enterprise, he spent a total of 41 years either in an active or reservist role in the Army.

“When we recognize the ones who have gone before us and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and the ones who keep sacrificing today,” according to Keen.

Special recognition was also given to the Vietnam vets who fought at that time in
America’s longest war. A conflict that claimed more than 58-thousand American lives.