DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — According to AAA, diesel prices nationwide average $5.56 per gallon. Just a year ago, the price was nearly half that.

“I went from paying this time last year maybe 1600 dollars a week in fuel, now it’s at 3000 dollars a week in fuel,” trucker Gregory Thornton said.

“It’s drastically by far the worst I’ve ever seen it. As high as $5.94 cents in the last couple days,” trucker Jeff Williams said.

Truckers who have their gas paid for by the companies they work for don’t suffer as much, but those who pay for most of their gas themselves, such as Thornton here, at least 90 percent of his fuel cost comes out-of-pocket and when you realize truckers stay, and sleep on the road, some trucks have to be left running at night, as well.

“My truck here, I don’t have an auxiliary power unit where you don’t have to run your truck all night. I’m not going to sleep hot or cold, so it’s kind of rough,” Thornton said.

While they say they are safe now, some truckers worry this might cut into their bottom line, effect their families and maybe even their job.

“Its not directly hurting me, but it is hurting my family. Cause they have to make up for all the stuff were going through,” said Thornton.

“Rates are going to have to go up, considering everything we buy has to be shipped multiple times on trucks and trains, so its naturally going to lead to more inflation,” said Williams.

But these men are staying positive for now.

“Still paying the bills, so I can’t complain. Just have to keep driving on,” said Thornton.