GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN)—Geneva Police continue to investigate the circumstances of a Fort Rucker employee’s car crashing through a guardrail and then going airborne.

Local authorities believe their close cooperation with Fort Rucker officials saved the driver’s life. WDHN’s Mike Gurspan has more on the story.

At around 4:30 Tuesday morning, a driver southbound on Highway 27 goes through the traffic light at the Highway 52 intersection in Geneva near the Choctawhatchee River.
The subcompact smashed through the guardrail, and officials estimate it went 50 yards “airborne” going through a power pole and several large trees.

The driver who works at Ft. Rucker’s cellphone pinged his location around four in the morning before the electronic device died. That ping may have saved the driver’s life, Geneva police and law enforcement from several other agencies eventually located the car in “dense woodlands”.

Authorities use a crowbar to open a car door to remove the driver, whose name has not been released at this time.

Mike Gurspan says “Geneva police credit close cooperation with ft. Rucker officials as locating the driver as quickly as possible.”

Geneva Police Captain Michael McDuffie says “real fortunate that he was still alive and we’re thankful for that. And we’re thankful for Rucker they acted quickly his employer, Ft. Rucker when he didn’t show up because the area he was found because he could be there for a length of time before we found him.”

Mayor David Hayes says the vehicle could not be seen from Highway 52. If it wasn’t for the ping from the cell phone, he may have been found too late.

Mayor Hayes says “we saw the guardrail but nobody investigated that anything could have happened like that. But yes, Ft. Rucker was great in responding like that and helped us find him.”

Reporting in Geneva, Mike Gurspan WDHN News for the wiregrass.