GENEVA CO., Ala. (WDHN) — With the election so close, local poll workers are coming together for informational sessions.

In total, 130 poll workers will work some 23 precincts across Geneva County. One poll worker is Jimmy Harris, who spent 20 years as Malvern’s mayor, and 39 years as an educator in the Geneva County School District.

“I just want to serve the community, continue to serve the community,” Harris said. “Love where I live, love Malvern, and if there’s any way I can be of any service to the people there I would like to be.”

Before the start of training, Probate Judge Toby Seay thanked these men and women for their service in making sure the voting process goes smoothly in Geneva County.

“And all I can say to our poll workers in Geneva County is thank you, thank you, thank you for your service, for your dedication and your willingness to assist the county with that election, the state election, and the federal election and we can’t do it without them,” Seay said.

One Geneva resident, who will be a poll worker come Tuesday, says it’s a rewarding experience. She’s been doing it for many elections.

“I guess we try to right the wrongs I guess you say,” poll worker Sandra Burgess said. “Try to help them out, listen to them, and make friends every time.”