Twice a year, once in the fall, and once in the Spring Geneva County Sheriff Tony Helms
conducts a “civilian gun class”.

WDHN found a lot of interest in the weekend class after Friday’s
“home invasion” shooting of a “reported” burglar in Eastern Geneva County’s Fadette community.

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The second half of the civilian gun class is the participants actually firing
their weapons at targets on the gun range.

But, Geneva County Sheriff Tony Helms says the first few hours involve classwork on subjects like when
“deadly force” is justifiable.

On Friday, an unnamed man was shot at an “occupied” trailer in the Fadette community. The homeowner
reportedly woke to see the individual going through a bag near his grandson’s room.
Sheriff Helms says much of the class involves teaching the gun owner the proper use of the weapon,
and to protect yourself and your family.

The sheriff says “it’s a little-known fact that citizens save law enforcement officers every year by them being armed and being able to assist an officer. And especially in smaller counties where you have few officers.”
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Mike Gurspan says “for one 19-year-old Geneva man says he wanted to operate and properly work his pistol.”
William Spencer Morgan says “ever since I was little, I loved guns. My dad builds them and owns a bunch of them. And ever since I wanted to have one.”

The class is “free” to those enrolled in the one-day civilian gun class. The individual is required to bring
their own weapon along with the ammo for its use.