SLOCOMB, Ala. (WDHN) — Allie Bedsole rushed to Flowers Hospital on Monday evening after work when she got a call her father Mark Bedsole was severely injured in a tractor accident.

While at the hospital, she got baffling news that no daughter wants to hear.

“They closed the door and told us they were taking us to another room and then I knew he didn’t make it,” Bedsole said. “My grandmother got there and just hearing her cry was the worst part.”

Slocomb Fire and Rescue and other agencies responded to a home off County Road 30.

That’s where Bedsole was working underneath a bush hog mower to change the blades for a neighbor and sadly the jack turned over and the tractor equipment fell on him.

“It fell on his diaphragm but he didn’t suffer,” She said. “I know he’s with Jesus.”

Family says Bedsole ran into some obstacles during his early adult life, but he has worked hard to overcome them.

Allie said her dad loved spending time outdoors he worked many agricultural jobs and loved farming with friends and family.

“He did have cattle he loved cows he was a big part of FAA in high school and The Cattles Association,” She said.

She said her dad never met a stranger as he was a big talker and a big Christian.

Bedsole said over the past few days, people in the community have expressed kind words during their time of grief.

“How much dad loved them, how proud he was of me, we didn’t realize he talked to so many people but he literally went around to check on people and make sure they were okay,” She said.

The family is in the process of making funeral arrangements.