MALVERN, Ala. (WDHN) — Larry Dollar, who has worked in the auto repair business for over 25 years in the Dothan area, lost his home garage shop after it was severely damaged by lightning.

“I probably built this thing at least 40 years ago and it’s heartbreaking you know what I mean,” Dollar said.

This comes after multiple volunteer fire departments rushed to the back of his home on County Road 68.

Dollar said he had just sat down to eat lunch and he suddenly heard a loud pop — that was lightning striking the wall socket on the back of his shop building.

“My wife’s dog wanted to go out — so she opened the door to let the dog out and when she opened the door she said the shop was on fire,” Dollar said. “I broke and ran out and everybody was like don’t open that door but you know how it is.”

The garage contained gas canisters, car maintenance equipment, and three classic cars.

“I didn’t want them three cars to burn up if we can’t help it we got ’em out, maybe a little damage on the 55 but they will be alright,” He said.

The fire damaged the roof of the building and most of the equipment inside the garage. Dollar said he may be able to salvage some of the tools.

The Malvern Fire Department deemed the building a total loss.

“I’ll see what the insurance company do you know how they are but I’ll start cleaning this mess up,” He said.

Dollar wants to thank the volunteer fire departments for responding quickly along with his neighbors who came to his aid in the midst of the downpour.

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