GENEVA COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Some 350 senior citizens from a dozen senior centers from Dale, Coffee, Houston, and Geneva Counties gathered at the Geneva County Farm Center.

A time for karaoke, dancing, fellowship, and politics. If Congress does not lift the 31.4 trillion dollar debt ceiling, there’s concern that it could cut social security recipients’ monthly checks.

Lula Mae Infinger is a widow who depends on that monthly social security check to survive.

“As far as the income and everything. It would have been a hardship, yes would have been,” says Infinger.

Linda Regan is also a widow from Geneva living on a fixed income. With the discussion of possibly affecting social security and Medicare, there’s a concern.

“Because I’m totally dependent on my social security check and my medications and doctor visits are all Medicare. If I was to lose that, or even a reduction of that it would cause a hardship. Oh yea, I certainly wouldn’t be alone this would be a hardship on all senior citizens who worked very hard most of their lives to receive this benefit, says Regan.

On Wednesday night, the House passed the compromise measure to lift the debt ceiling. It’s now pending approval in the Senate.

So far the house has passed the debt ceiling deal. Wiregrass Congressman Barry Moore voted against it.

It’s now in the Senate where leaders would like to finish up without bringing the issue down to the wire.

If Congress approves the bill to lift the government’s 31.4 trillion debt ceiling, it would be in effect through New Year’s Day 2025, past the 2024 presidential election.

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