GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN)—Recently, the city of Geneva installed its first electric charger and there’s talk of more to come.

Officials in the City of Two Rivers say its installation has placed them on a national map that informs travelers of charger locations.

With the EV charging station, Mayor David Hayes says he wants travelers with electric vehicles
to stop in his city. He wants these folks to stop, shop, and go to the downtown businesses.

The mayor says these EV charging stations are part of the economic future. While a person is charging their vehicle they have time to walk around downtown and go to the businesses.

Mayor Hayes said “We’ve had people stop coming from North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky that spent time in the town while their cars were charging. It’s working, it’s paying off.”

Mr. Everythangz Grill in the downtown district is located around the EV charging station.
Owners D.J. And Alyssa Hart say they have served folks who were exploring the city while charging their vehicles.

D.J. Hart says “there have been some people charging their vehicles at the charging station, walking distance right around the corner and they’ll come in and take a little bit to eat and have a good time while they are here.”

Mayor Hayes says for now Geneva is only a handful of wiregrass towns that offer vehicle charging. It’s felt that they must be able to accommodate electric vehicle owners.

The mayor says many residents do not understand the economic importance of this new infrastructure on the cutting edge of the changing of the times.