OPP, Ala. (WDHN)—This week marks two months to go before the November general election.
In Covington county today, wiregrass native Wes Allen would “Press the flesh” for votes statewide.

“Former” Pike County Probate Judge and now State Representative Allen of Troy earned the Republican nomination
for Secretary of State during the “Primary” and “Runoff” in the Spring.

Incumbent John Merrill is prohibited by state law from running for a third consecutive term.
Allen says most folks he talks to are concerned about the “Integrity” of the election process. He believes former President Trump had the election stolen because of illegal voting in November 2020.

In the Alabama Legislature, Allen backed a law to prohibit “curbside voting”. If elected Secretary of State, Allen says he would make sure only those who are properly registered would be allowed to participate in the election process.

Tuesday, November Eighth is the date for the mid-term elections nationwide. Allen will face both a Democrat and a Libertarian in the race.