HARTFORD, Ala. (WDHN) — On Friday, October 1, the 2022 fiscal year begins. In Hartford, it’s approximately
50 city employees will see a little extra green in their paychecks.

The Hartford City Council unanimously approved the pay increase to keep up with comparably sized cities here in the Wiregrass.

The only exception is fire department employees who received their raise in August.

“As far as I know, it’s been several, several years since any significant increase to help our employees feel appreciated and to be up to speed with the other employees,” Hartford Mayor Neil Strickland said. “The city is blessed to have excellent employees. This is one thing we needed to step up and do it, and the council made a unanimous vote to do it and we’re moving forward with it.”

Mayor Strickland says the town of Hartford can well afford the two-dollar pay raise, and the town does not have to borrow any money from the bank.

“The most significant thing with our audit showing no debt and guidelines showing our city is making improvements with no debt from the city,” Mayor Strickland said.

In today’s society, the mayor says you need to have a competitive salary to recruit new workers and maintain those employees who have years of experience.