HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — It’s official people will finally be able to walk around Headland with an open container of alcohol with a few guidelines.

Back in April, the Headland City Council approved an ordinance for the city to become an entertainment district that would allow vendors to sell open containers of alcohol to customers.

Those customers could then walk in the parameters of the district with the drink.

“We had to submit not only our map for approval because there’s certain parameters that we have to be in to approve it and also there’s some different things that are set in there, and there are statutes that require our city to have certain things in place,” Headland Chamber of Commerce Director Adrienne Wilkins said.

Some of the requirements to get a district is to have at least four businesses with on-premise alcohol licenses and those businesses have to have a cup with logos in which to put alcohol.

Headland’s four businesses in the district are: Keel and Company Distilling, Big Mike’s Seafood, The Bottle Tree, and David’s Pizza.

Having an entertainment district helps Headland out a lot, according to Wilkins.

“Our entertainment district is really one way to show how Headland is really progressive and encouraging our businesses to kind of think outside of the box and really become a place where we invite our guests to come in and visit headland and encourage that community spirit as well.”

Alcohol not in cups with logos will not be allowed in the district and businesses wanting to join can at anytime.

“Any new businesses that open up inside of our district are automatically included in the entertainment district. All they have to have are logoed to-go cups so that way their patrons can put their beverages inside of those cups and walk out to the square or around the district.”

These open container rules apply Monday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.