Headland named top school in Dothan metro area

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HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — Headland High School has been named as the top high school out of 13 other high schools in the Dothan metropolitan area.

“It’s a huge accomplishment we are very excited and very proud to be named that,” Principal Jason Bradford said. “We have a lot of great people to work with our faculty and staff do a wonderful job and I think they helped contributed it’s nothing I do it’s a team effort.”

One of the main areas of criteria that factored into this ranking is how Headland High School is preparing students for the next level of education or if they choose to go into a career.

“That could be that a student dual enrolls, that could be that a student plans on going into the military, it could mean that the person has credentialed in a career tech field,” said Lori Beasley, Henry County Schools Superintendent.

Headland High currently has teachers who teach college-level English courses. The second leading factor focuses on how proficient students are in reading and math.

“Those two are the most important not that the other subjects are not important but if you can’t read or do math then you’re not going to be able to function in today’s society,” Beasley said.

Beasley says she’s grateful to have one of her schools is getting statewide recognition but it doesn’t come overnight.

“I think we have to celebrate those feeder schools too Headland Elementary and Middle helped to prepare those students for high school they gave them the foundation to be able to do well on those assessments.” She said.

Headland educators say they are not in it for the honors, but they want to keep their minds on the goal and continue pushing students in the right direction. Enterprise High and G.W. Long also made the list.

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