Health department recommends wearing mask due to new COVID variants

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The World Health Organization recommends people to still wear masks even if they are vaccinated due to the Delta variant. According to the Houston County Health Department, that’s because these variants may be deadlier.

“A lot of these variants, or at least some of them, are proving to be more easily transmissible than the original virus itself,” Public Health Administrator Corey Kirkland said. “The Delta, the Alpha variant which is one you hear some about which is the B117 is about 50 percent more easily to transmit to one person to the other.”

According to Kirkland, the vaccines are really effective against the variants, which has some people questioning why someone fully vaccinated should still wear a mask?

“Someone who may be vaccinated, but maybe they do have underlying health conditions. Especially if they have heart conditions if they have immune compromise condition and they’re taking medications that suppress their immune system. Those are all things that can still cause them to get sick from the variant.”

Kirkland said there is good news though, the vaccines have proven to help keep people from transmitting the virus. Despite this, Kirkland recommends people to still take precautions.

“Especially if you’re in tight groups, small groups, but they’re in tight spaces. Continue to wear your mask, do your best to distanced yourself. If you’re going to be in large groups certainly, especially if you’re vaccinated, but you have underlying health conditions, really important to take some precautions.”

For more information on the variants and vaccines, you can visit the CDC website.

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