DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Security was increased at the National Peanut Festival on Saturday following that morning’s parade shooting.

While police believe the shooting to be an isolated incident, festival officials want to ensure the safety and comfort of their attendees.

Some people became concerned about their safety at the festival following the shooting.

To address this, the Peanut Festival had the help of both the Dothan Police Department and Houston County Sheriff’s Office to increase security.

While police say they have no reason to believe that this event is tied to the Peanut Festival, they wanted to take every measure to ensure safety and put the public’s mind at ease.

“Right now we’re just concerned with the safety of all the citizens in Dothan,” Lt. Tom Davis said. “We just want to make sure everyone comes out, has a good time, and they’re safe while they’re here.”

Dothan police had an entire swat team on the fairgrounds, helping make up the fourty to fifty officers total on site.

The officers were patrolling the grounds to help survey the area and about five officers were checking bags at the entrances for weapons.

“We’re patrolling the area, we’ve got people at the front checking the bags,” Lt. Davis said. “If you’re going to bring a bag in, we’re going to check it. If you don’t want it checked, you need to leave it in your car.”

Most guests say they had no problem with the extra steps taken and felt that it was necessary to feel safe.

“I don’t mind it at all really,” festival attendee Alicia Toscano said. “It’s just a step they have to take. They’re just doing their job to keep us safe.”

Police say they have so far not to run into any security concerns at the festival.