HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — It seems to be a universal question in cities and counties statewide under regulations of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA): what projects can the money be spent on. And as a result, a letter was sent to the U.S. Treasury by the Alabama County Commission Association.

According to Henry County Commission Chairman, David Money, the letter was sent to clarify and loosen the guidelines for how ARPA can be spent. Money said counties that spend those funds on projects which haven’t been approved face major consequences, like paying back every dollar spent or even going to jail.

“We want to make sure we number one stay within the limits and number two we get the best use of that money to help county citizens,” Money said.

According to Money, the letter is asking that vertical construction be included in the guidelines. This is non-roadway construction that includes projects like new jails and EMA centers.

“The letter that is being sent by ACCA to the U.S. Treasury is again, clarify and give us clear instruction, a road map for how these monies can be spent,” Money said.

Money told WDHN, by making it more clear and loosening some of those restrictions, the ARPA money can be spent on will only help counties use and invest those funds properly.

Money said he along with other Alabama County Chairmans will be meeting in Montgomery on Thursday. He said this will be the first indication they have for what the counties can spend the ARPA funds on.

“We will evaluate, we will make a plan, with the guidance from ACCA and assure the people from Henry County that our every effort will to be to make sure that we get the most benefit that we can from every dollar,” Money said.