Henry County faces decision on dispatch center location

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ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — Henry County Commission and law enforcement are at a crossroads with the location of the county’s communication dispatch center.

As of right now, Henry County has two dispatch locations: one in the city of Abbeville, and one in the city of Headland. Because of problems with finding qualified dispatchers, Abbeville is considering temporarily joining forces with Headland.

Right now, Abbeville and Henry County split the cost of their dispatch, but if they move to Headland that leaves Henry County with a decision to make.

“That leaves us with a choice of maintaining a dispatch center here in Abbeville, at cost of the citizens, of $250,000 a year, “Henry County Commission Chairman, David Money said. “Or enter into a six month or one year contract with the city of Headland actually for about $90,000 a year,”

Money says that the location of the dispatch center does not matter, the main goal is for citizens to receive help when they call 911.

“What I want the public to understand,” Money said. “It does not matter where the call is answered. As long as it’s answered promptly, dispatched effectively, and the necessary first responder gets there immediately. It just so happens that the two options are one in Abbeville and one in Headland.”

Money says the Henry County commission will not make their decision until they see what the city of Abbeville plans to do. The Abbeville City Council is likely to take up the matter on Monday.

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