Henry County looking to revise district lines as election approaches

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ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — The latest numbers provided by the 2020 census shows that Henry County has lost a little over 150 citizens.

While the decline in the county population isn’t much, the population within county districts is significant. The numbers show that District 1, is about 22% above average , while District 4 is about 12% below average of the ideal population, this calls for the Henry County Commission to revise district lines.

“District 4 for example, is way down in population,” Henry County Commission Chairman, David Money said. “District 1, which is Headland, is up and there is a 30% variance. We strive to keep it within 5% so we’re going to have to change some district lines, make District 4 larger, continue decrease District 1.”

Money says the last time Henry County had to redistrict was in 2011, and with elections right around the corner, now is the time reevaluate those lines.

“I’m getting calls fairly regularly about citizens who are considering running for county commission and they want to know what is their district, where are the lines, how do they campaign, so we owe it to them,” Money said.

And the changing of district lines not only affects the commission, but also the citizens of Henry County.

“Could change voting precinct and that means that a voter now many have to go to a different place so it’s pretty complicated,” Money said.

Money says that he hopes to present the commission with the new district lines by next month at their monthly meeting.

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