HENRY COUNTY, Ala (WDHN) — A couple accused of putting their son’s dead body in a freezer before moving to another county has been issued a bond by a Henry County Judge.

On Sunday, October 29, 44-year-old Michael Shane Halstead and 43-year-old Karen Tysinger Halstead were arrested and charged with one count of Abuse of a Corpse.

During a preliminary hearing Monday afternoon, Judge James Peterson issued a bond of $175,000 each.

According to Sheriff Eric Blankenship, Logan Halstead’s severely decomposed corpse was found after deputies received a call about a body being found in the 200 block of Bradford Drive in Headland.

During the hearing, investigators revealed Logan, a special needs child with Spinal Bifida, had been dead since late July to early August.

According to investigators, sometime around that period, Micheal, a Coast Guard veteran with PTSD, was in the same room with his son when Logan had a bowel movement that forced Micheal to leave the room to clean up, but when he came back, Logan wasn’t speaking and was soon declared dead by Micheal.

Investigators on the stand said Micheal attempted to hide it from Karen and their other children by wrapping Logan’s body in a plastic bag, blankets, and a shower curtain and covering him in cardboard before putting him in an overturned freezer in the backyard. Micheal then moved his family into a hotel room to hide it further.

It was also revealed that sometime after the incident, Micheal called the Headland Police Department, reporting he had hidden Logan’s body in the freezer. When officers came to the home and searched the property, the officer did not see the hidden body in the freezer and left, according to investigators.

Sources close to the situation tell WDHN the Halsteads had abandoned the home after not paying rent. The landlord then sold the house to the current homeowners, who found Logan’s body while attempting to clean the property.

Logan’s body has been transported to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences for an official autopsy, and Sheriff Blankenship tells WDHN the couple could face possible Murder charges depending on the outcome of the autopsy.

During the hearing, Judge Peterson told the couple that if they are eventually charged with murder, their bonds will be revised.