HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — One county has raised over $7,000 to rebuild a veterans monument that was ravaged by a tornado just a few months ago.

Five monuments were uprooted and shattered into pieces at the Veterans Memorial Park in Henry County when a tornado ran through the area back in June.

Now the area has been cleaned up by volunteers in the area and five new monuments honoring the war dead are being prepared to replace the monuments that were shattered into pieces.

What started as a goal of raising $2,000 or so has now more than tripled.

“That park is a beautiful park,” Henry County Commission Chairman, David Money said. “A lot of history there and we need to honor those who have served and unfortunately gave the ones that have especially given their lives in the war.”

Money says they hope to have the monuments replaced around Easter. The county thens hope to have a ceremony rededicating the new monuments and inviting everyone, who has supported this focal point in Henry County.