HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Henry County residents, who are in need of a second trash will have to pay a monthly fee

That fee will be $10 a month. This only applies to residents in the county that are not in the city limits of Headland and Abbeville.

The commission is hoping that the fee goes into effect on May 1st.

If a resident already paid the initial $75 for the second can they will receive a grace period and won’t have to make a payment until January first of next year along with other residents.

“When you are talking about $125 to furnish a can and you go months and years without collecting on it,” Henry County Commission Chairman, David Money said. “Then that is no return on your investment. That’s not what we are in the business for, but we have to manage the people’s money.”

If a resident no longer wants their second trash can they can call the county office and someone will come by and pick it up.