HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Brittany Corbitt was shot and killed on Ozark Road in Newville nearly a year ago.

Five people are charged with her murder. One of whom is saying he had no part in the killing of Corbitt.

When suspects Isaiah Clyburn, Farriea Norton, Jayden Thomas, Austin Daniels, and Sharif Moore were together in court a few months ago.

The blame game in the courtroom commenced and all fingers pointed to Clyburn being the mastermind behind the killing of Corbitt. Saying there was a case of hard feelings and Corbitt had an argument with Norton, who was also in an intimate relationship with Clyburn.

Where Corbitt attempted to confront Clyburn and Norton at their home but the door was locked and Corbitt was ignored.

Later that night was when officials say a car with Thomas and Corbitt drove down Ozark Road and a car driven by Clyburn later followed. Witnesses say the victim’s vehicle then saw Clyburn and continued to drive before pulling off at a ditch.

The suspect’s car then pulled up. Clyburn and Moore allegedly got out of the car and opened fire on the victim’s car. Corbitt was hit by two of the bullets

“She had a smile on her face and every time she would come through the door she was smiling,” Corbitt’s Father, Gary Corbitt said. “It’s just a lot we miss.”

Sharif Moore says he is not to blame for the murder

“If you do the crime,” Corbitt said. “You know you are guilty, you ought to plea guilty and not try and rest it out.”

Thomas who talked to us the day after the shooting said that Corbitt was her best friend.

“We went to school together,” the Girl who said she was Corbitt’s best friend, Jayden Thomas said. “We did everything. We really did everything together.”

Thomas is accused of messaging Clyburn to tell them when Corbitt would be driving down Ozark Road and during the shooting, she was apparently told to keep her head down by the people in the other car so that she would not be hit by the gunfire.

“I really sat here and watched my best friend die right in front of me and I couldn’t do anything about it,” Thomas said.

All five are accused of being a part of the plan to kill Corbitt, each playing their own unique part Investigators say that Clyburn and Moore were the only ones holding the smoking guns.

Moore’s next court date is set for May 5th when the judge and attorneys from both sides will set a trial date in the case.