Disclaimer: Some of what you’re about to read may be disturbing.

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Racist comments made online by a candidate for the Houston County Commission have come to light. The candidate that made those comments is now defending herself.

Priscilla Andrews, candidate for District 3, Houston County Commissioner, posted the comments in a public Facebook group called “Let’s talk Geneva, uncensored

Telling men and women, all presumed to be black, “Have fun hanging off that tree limb.” and “I won’t be hanging from a tree limb or vine-like you for sure. banana eater.”

“I made remarks in response to racist remarks that were made back to me,” Andrews said. “They started it, they threatened my life.”

Andrews said the person she was responding to online had threatened to rape her and kill all white people with his AK-47. She said she thought the threat was real and he could be nearby in Geneva County.

Their comments have since been deleted, however, her comments are getting renewed interest since she made them back in July of 2020. She claimed she was just getting over being sick with COVID-19.

“I was sick at the time and you’ll do things sometimes that you wouldn’t normally do when you’re sick,” Andrews claims. “I fired back at her the same way she came at me. Fight fire with fire.”

She also wrote.

“You hate us, so my advice is to go back to your acclaimed home land and see what they do to you there…. to your own kind…”

Andrews went on to say the reasoning for those comments was because:

“She talked about how bad she hated America, and how racist all of us white folks are,” Andrews said. “Yeah told her, go back, I didn’t say Somalia but that’s exactly what I am talking about. They go to Somalia and by golly gee, and they stay a month in Somalia they’ll wish to God they’d come back to America. And I am tired of people cutting America down.”

She claims a woman with a long-time personal vendetta is trying to ruin her campaign and she’s filed a police report, though she wouldn’t tell us which agency she filed it with.

“I’ve had people call me and say ‘look at what we are seeing on Facebook’,” Andrews said. “She went in Facebook and tried to pull up anything she could about me. There was only one thing she could pull up. I know what she is playing the racist card. One of my best friends was black. She and I worked together at Sony for years.”

Andrews tells WDHN she feels her comments have been taken out of context.

“I’m not racist, that’s the last thing I am,” Andrews said.

Houston County voters may get the last word on that. In just three weeks, they decide whether or not to vote for Andrews for Houston County District 3 Commissioner.