HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — A slight property tax increase could be coming to residents in Houston County.

Currently, Southeast Health receives 2.5 mils and has requested to receive the full amount of four mills from Houston County.

A mil is a one-one thousandth of a dollar and represents a tax rate imposed on real estate or other property.

The Houston County Health Care Authority was authorized to receive four mils on each dollar of taxable property in the county in 1949.

But since 1949, Southeast Health has not asked for the full 4 mils.

The hospital is now asking for that 1.5 mil increase.

This is in order to offset some of the expenses it has seen in the health system’s growth in labor, drugs, and supply expenses.

If a property is valued at $100,000 the property tax would go up $15.

The average sales tax per year in Houston County is $340, it could soon be $355.

Houston County’s current millage rate is 17.5 mil.

7 mils go into the county’s general fund, 3.5 go into the county’s road and bridge, 4.5 to the county’s school-wide fund, and 2.5 mills go towards Southeast Health.

This is not the first time Southeast Health has received a bump in mils.

When the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine was built in 2010 the hospital’s millage rate went from 1 mil to 2.5 mil.

The Houston County Commission is now talking with its legal team to see what the next steps are in this process and if this 1.5 mill increase is an automatic deal or if the discussion is needed.

The commission is also looking at the request as a whole and will discuss it at their next administrative meeting on September 22nd.