Houston County BOE discusses plans for reduced tuition fee for out-of-district students

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Houston County Board of Education has discussed offering people not in their school district a chance to join the system but with a tuition fee.

The original fee discussed was $2,000, but that is being looked at being reduced to $1,500.

“That money would toward our teacher units and other things for that student,” Houston County Superintendent Brandy White said.

One questioned raised is would there be requirements for a student to transfer into the school other than tuition costs?

According to White, there are a few things that would be looked at like GPA.

“We’ve looked at 3.0 as a possibility as a requirement, but we’re gonna look at that, and we’re gonna look at numbers as well as other things,” White said.

According to White, someone wanting to transfer will have a choice of 3 schools that they want to go to, but cap size could affect options.

“We’re gonna have to look at each grade level to see how many students that we can hold,” White said. “We definitely don’t want to do anything to overcrowd some of our schools that are already fairly crowded. So there may be a waiting list.”

Currently, Houston County is looking at expanding the size of some schools. In Monday’s meeting, they voted on expanding Rehobeth.

“This is gonna let us know if we’re heading in the right direction with what we’re going to build,” White said. “Next month, we’re looking at Wicksburg as far as adding classrooms there, and those are two of the schools that are the most crowded.”

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