DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Houston County has gotten the go-ahead on a project that is set to benefit the Wiregrass.

The Houston County Commission is now in the process of starting a new industrial park project off of Sam Houston Boulevard and Columbia Highway.

They received confirmation from the state on their participation and are now waiting on the closing details to be finalized.

The Houston County commissioner chairman believes the new changes to come will be significant to the community.

“Creating opportunity for our citizens is our number one priority, this is gonna be a great project,” Houston County Commission Chairman, Mark Culver said. “That park has been sitting there idle for quite a while, so this really good size project will really spur, hopefully, more activity in that park.”

Culver says that this part of Houston County will be playing a major role in the project of resurfacing, improvement, and extension of the road.