HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — The sale of the Houston County Farm Center appears to be moving along.

Houston County District 2 Commissioner, Doug Sinquefield, tells WDHN that as of now, there is no timeline for how long commissioners will give the city to send an offer for the farm center. He said getting answers soon is vital since a lot of other organizations are housed on that property and are concerned with what could happen to them.

WDHN has reported that the city of Dothan wants to buy the farm center but is doing its due diligence on the property before sending over an official offer to the county.

As of Thursday, Brightwork, a real estate company out of Florida still wants its offer to be considered.

“That’s a concern, how long can they wait, I don’t know,” Sinquefield said. “I think they have, Brightwork, the developer, has been very generous and considerate of waiting for this to finalize and find out what direction this is going in.”

While Sinquefield said there’s no official timetable for the sale, he hopes to get an official offer from the city very soon.