Houston County Health Department discusses Gov. Ivey’s mask mandate and what it thinks she’ll do

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HOUSTON Co. (WDHN) — With Governor Kay Ivey expected to give an update about the current mask mandate, many medical officials are putting their trust in the governor’s professional opinion.

“It’s an important decision, but I know she’ll make that in consultation with Dr. Harris, our state health officer,” Public Health Administrator Corey Kirkland said. “And make the right decision for our state going forward.”

So how is the Southeast region of the state doing in terms of the COVID-19 risk factor? According to Kirkland, all of the region is currently at a low to moderate risk level. He says things are going well, but people need to continue following CDC guidelines.

“Continue wearing the masks and the distancing and the handwashing, that all plays right into the hands of getting vaccinated and getting more people vaccinated,” Kirkland said. “Our numbers in our hospitals have dropped which is a good thing, and so those things all go together to make sure people stay safe.”

According to Kirkland, the state is reaching close to 20 percent of the population being vaccinated. He hopes by the end of the summer, that number will be significantly bigger.

“We’re approaching a million doses given in the state, and we’re gonna continue working with our partners our hospitals, and our private providers to continue to push that out and get everyone who wants to get the vaccine to have access to it,” Kirkland said.

WDHN will carry the governor’s press conference Thursday morning.

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