DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Houston County is preparing to mask up once again. After monitoring COVID-19 cases within the county and monitoring the CDC’s guideline updates, Houston County will be implementing a mask mandate next week.

This will require all county employees and anyone entering a county building to wear a mask. Houston County’s Commission Chairman, Mark Culver says this was a decision that is meant to keep everyone safe.

“Our main concern is that we want to make sure citizens have a safe environment when they come to do business with the county,” Culver said. “More importantly, we want to make sure our employees have a safe environment to work in and it’s our obligation to make sure that it happens.”

In addition to wearing a mask, a temperature check will be required to enter any county building. Culver says masking is an easy, effective way to prevent sickness.

“We obviously think masking is a good preventive measure,” Culver said. “There is no full-proof measure to take in this at all, but we believe, masking is to protect you, it’s to protect the people around you.”

There is no timeframe on when the mandate will end, due to the uncertainty of the Delta variant.

“We hope not very long,” Culver said. “We haven’t put a deadline on it because we just don’t know. We didn’t anticipate doing this.”

The mask mandate will go into effect starting Monday.