DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With the omicron variant being the most contagious variant of covid-19, some people are worried that kids in schools are going to be heavily affected.

So far, Houston County Schools have not seen an increase in transmissions, but that could change soon according to the CDC.

Houston county’s superintendent says, major steps must be taken but he believes the school system is prepared.

“Our numbers are low right now, but we do expect them to grow,” Superintendent of Houston County Schools, Brandy White said. “We feel parents this semester have a few more options, they have the vaccine, the option for a mask, the virtual school has been going well, and they have that option also.”

The CDC stood by its recommendation that Americans infected with the coronavirus end their isolation after five days, without first obtaining a negative covid test.

However, originally, this wasn’t intended for schools.

“They said specifically, this applies to the general population, but this doesn’t apply to schools, to healthcare facilities, or to other congregate settings. They are working on additional guidance for those groups,” Dr. Scott Harris of the Alabama Department Of Public Health said.

Houston County Schools made a post on Facebook on Monday after learning of the 10-day quarantine recommendation stating they will be sticking to a 5-day quarantine schedule and they aren’t the only school with this viewpoint.

“Many schools have called us about the fact they have seen this 5-day quarantine rule and think it should apply to schools,” Dr. Harris said.

Now, the CDC has changed its ruling making the 5-day quarantine rule extend to schools as well.

And that helps Houston County Schools keep kids in classes.

“We’re gonna do everything we can to keep the doors open,” White said.