Houston County Schools try to keep their kids safe amidst social media issues

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Social media has its uses, from keeping in touch with family and old friends, knowing what organizations are holding events, remembering birthdays and much more.

But this can cause problems for schools if used inappropriately.

“We use Facebook like many other organizations and that is a positive thing,” Elementary Curriculum Director of Houston County Schools, Greg Yance said. “We can let people know when school is going to dismiss and other things like that. On the other side, there are apps that are negative. Oftentimes people can post anonymously and that is detrimental to our schools.”

Recently, Houston County Schools had issues with one social media platform, Yik-Yak, which allows users to post anonymously, making tracking inappropriate use much more difficult.

Which won’t stop Houston County Schools from getting to the bottom of the issues.

“It often takes away resources, time, to look into these things when it doesn’t need to be that way,” said Yance. “Our first important thing is we want students to be safe. We will take whatever measure we have to to ensure the safety of our students.”

Since bullying also falls into this category of keeping students as safe as possible, the school system is doing its part.

“We try to be aware of those things as well and I just hate that someone is going to go home, feel bad, and I know people have gone home done things that are very bad in some cases,” said Yance. “If we become aware of an individual case then it will be dealt with for that child and we will figure out how and why something happened and how to stop it.”

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