DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Westgate Christian School administrators canceled school for the week as they are mourning the loss of one of their own David Cuan a second grader who was killed in an ATV accident.

School staff were one of the first to be notified by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office about the student’s death before the start of the school week.

“It took a little while to absorb obviously but immediately the staff was loving on each other and finding ways to love on the family, checking on me and on each other it was a wonderful bonding experience over something so unthinkable,” Principal Nita Kelley said.

On Saturday, Cuan was killed in an ATV accident that happened in the 900 block of County Road 80 in Newville close to the Dale County line.

Officials say the seven-year-old was riding on the back of the ATV with his father traveling through a field and suddenly hit a hole causing the ATV to flip.

Cuan was ejected from the vehicle and it rolled on top of him.

Kelley said it was truly heartbreaking to learn this happened to one of the students she laid eyes on every day — a student who gave off so much joy from the time he arrived at school until the time he left.

“He was a hard worker, a good friend a great student,” She said. “One teacher shared with me that he was in the lunchroom one day she walked by and he said thank you and she was just puzzled and he said thanks for being you. I mean he was a seven-year-old who left a lifelong lesson for me on what my heart needs to look like.”

Kelley decided to open up her heart and create a GoFundMe page for the Cuan family — it’s for travel and funeral expenses for Cuan to be laid to rest in his hometown in Indiana.

As for school, grade school will return to normal next week. The church will work with the school to provide resources for those who still may be grieving.

“The ministry staff is working on grief counseling for our teachers while we are closed this week for grade school to come back on Monday, so we can prepare ourselves and what to look for in our kiddos who may need some extra help or just somebody to talk to,” She added.