DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Digital temperature readings around Dothan are showing about 96 to 98 degrees but eventually, the Dothan area reached the expectation of 100 degrees.

“It definitely feels like we are in the triple digits and with that sun down on you it feels hotter than it is,” said a worker with Dothan Street Division, Terry Reeves said.

That’s because the feel like temperature is 111 degrees.

Reeves and his team are doing sidewalks and battling the heat by staying hydrated but the steamy temperatures are affecting other construction projects in the city like the new Dothan Fire Station 10 that will be on West Main Street.

The Lewis Construction crew is out on site getting the slab of the fire station ready for Friday morning at 2 a.m. that’s when the crew will pour the concrete.

Pouring concrete in mid-day during hot temperatures will cause the cement to dry up quickly and be prone to deteriorate, so they will do it in the early morning hours to try and avoid possible problems.

Speaking of problems, Dothan City Schools ran into one early Wednesday morning when Girard Primary School did not have air conditioning due to a line breaking in the school’s AC system chiller.

Therefore, some students were checked out and participated in a virtual day and for those who didn’t get checked out, they were placed in a limited area with air conditioning.

Comfort Systems USA and the maintenance department responded to the school to fix the problem and the school will return to normal on Thursday.

As we get closer to Friday, the start of football season, high school football teams are going hard in the heat before gameday.

With Wednesday temperatures and possibly the rest of the week, teams will have to practice for just one hour and in helmets according to the AHSAA heat modifications for schools to follow.

Although Rehobeth’s coach Toby Greene is not coaching Friday night because they don’t have a game, he has a message for those attending games Friday night which is supposed to reach 99 degrees.

“Stay hydrated, show up as late as possible when it’s a lot cooler, bring a fan, and of course, we are going to keep trained medical staff on hand,” He said.

The next time Dothan could see triple digits will possibly be this weekend.