DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The city has approved for the police department and the school system to work together in catching those blowing by school buses when the stop arm is out and putting children in danger.

The school system has been working to cut down on that issue when they put Angel Trax cameras on their buses in January this year.

Right now when there is a violator, the camera captures it and it’s sent to an Angel Trax a third-party vendor to be reviewed and determined if a citation should be issued by the school system.

Now, this would allow the video to be reviewed by Dothan Police and they will deem it a violation or not, and then the school system will decide what to do next.

This will help the school system validate the video by getting the police department involved as well as help the department financially

“We would get 10% of the funds collected and those funds are earmarked for our youth programs like the Summer Police Academy and Wiregrass Safety Academy,” says Dothan Police Chief Will Benny.

The proceeds from citations help the school system by going towards their driver-eds classes and other safety programs.

The school system says they had about 1,400 citations issued in the first quarter of the year.