DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — It’s been a difficult week for the family of Audrey Jenkins and Derek Blessing, who lives 11 hours away from Dothan in West Virginia after they received the news that their loved ones were killed in a car crash.

“The accident happened Saturday night and we weren’t notified until Sunday afternoon, but we are just in shock and disbelief,” said Brooke Leonard, Derek’s oldest sister.

The crash happened on Ross Clark Circle near Hartford Highway.

Leonard said her baby brother and aunt were going to the gym to work out at Planet Fitness.

“Working out was something my brother did every night before bed,” She said.

They never made it to the gym after a three-vehicle wreck.

According to Dothan Police Department, a car traveling on Ross Clark Circle, hit another car, and that car hit the Hyundai Elantra driven by Blessing and Jenkins.

Their car was pushed off the road and forced into a ditch where it burst into flames.

The family has heard the person they believe is responsible for causing the crash was traveling at an excessive speed.

“It was a senseless act they didn’t deserve to die like that,” said Anita Blessing, Derek’s mother.

“The biggest issue right now is that they haven’t been arrested and there are no charges yet,” His sister said.

The family said they lost two beautiful souls in Blessings and Jenkins — two people who would do anything for others.

They loved to cook, they were big passionate sports fans and loved to visit and spend time with family.

They’re described as “two peas in a pod.” They moved from West Virginia to Florida years ago, and recently to Dothan where they purchased a new house six months ago.

“They didn’t even get to enjoy their new home,” Leonard said. “They had new furniture they worked so hard for, their life was good and then it was taken from them.”

The crash is still under investigation.

In the meantime, Derek’s mother said she will try to push for a law in memory of her son and sister killed in the crash.

That law would require the person responsible to pay the family of the victim killed in a reckless driving crash every year on the anniversary.