DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Surrounded by loved ones and supporters, Stephanie Wingfield, the former head of the Dothan feeding program feels that she was the scapegoat and feels there was no need for her to be terminated.

Wingfield was in charge of overseeing a feeding program — until the city took a closer look and voted to remove her from the program and fired her as coordinator for the city’s leisure services program.

A program that is now headed off by Dothan City Schools that feeds nearly 150 kids on a daily basis has been under the limelight after Breakfast at Tammy’s who used to head up the meals took home nearly $3 million.

Dothan says Wingfield was fired due to costing the city money, negligence in doing her job, deliberate falsification of documents, and misrepresentation to her employers.

Tuesday in court, she appealed the decision of her termination and feels there was no actual proof that led to the firing.

“I think if this was a situation where there was really an issue of impropriety and there was a legitimate risk of the city’s funds being misallocated,” Wingfield’s attorney, Richard Rice said. “Then there would have been more accountability among the chain of command so to speak.”

Wingfield’s attorney feels that the city is just protecting its own and that the city fabricated a reason to fire her.

“She was sort of the low person on the totem pole as it relates to the department of leisure services and she certainly did not have the authority to issue any of the city’s funds,” Rice said. “So you would’ve had checks and balances in every step of the process.”

The appeal and the arguments were taken under consideration by Judge Butch Binford and he is expected to rule on the case in the coming days.